Monday, October 03, 2011

For Heart's sake .

" For art's sake I would not face the toil of writing a sentence ."
                                                    - Bernard Shaw . 
There was a time when I completely disagreed with this statement, though I am an ardent admirer of Shaw's crisp and undiluted wit !! To me writing was a form of release . Its only use was to pour out my frustrations , pains and confusions ....emotions which tend to make you bitter and you can't share them with any one . Till you smile, people will smile at you ; but the moment you shed a tear , they will laugh at you .So in my growing up years writing saved me from being a bitter and rebellious teenager . And....that was all .

          But , now I do believe , that art for art's sake is incomplete . It has the power to change the world . So, it ought to have a larger purpose . How often I myself feel moved by words , how many times poetry has transformed my way of looking at things ....and how many times the words stayed with me a unique  insight !! Art refines our senses , polishes our experiences and enlarges our perspective . In the right hands , it can actually be a tool to make this world a better place . Though , for a true artist creation in itself is a big satisfaction , yet , not only it ought to have a larger purpose to be actually meaningful , but also , it should reach out to people . So hat's off to Shaw ..... I fully agree with him now .


  1. Yes -don't we all get true release when we write for heart's sake..Shaw did show us the way .
    Nice way of presenting this simple truth

  2. Hai, I am too late to visit your post. As per my conception you should devote yorrr maximum time in those fields which really give you the positive result.Please visit my post..Thanks.

  3. Sadhana ji , thanks for your beautiful comment .

  4. Prem ji,thank you so much for joining the blog.It was truly my pleasure going through your poems and articles.Your blog is quite a treasure house.I will continue visiting it.

  5. let me understand the people before they start making an opinion about me
    isn't it......