Tuesday, December 13, 2011

They know and do not know.....

" They know and do not know......that the pattern may subsist, for the pattern is the action and the suffering, that the wheel may turn and still...Be forever still."  
      - T.S.Eliot . (Murder in the Cathedral .)

To fathom the deapths of these lines is not very easy for me , but since I feel like trying , so I'll try to put forth all that I've grasped from them .
       Let's begin with life in general. As Hardy puts it in his ' Jude the Obscure '-
" All laughing comes from misapprehension. Rightly looked at there is no laughable thing under the sun ." It may sound pessimistic but probably it is only realistic . Or as Shelley says -
               " We look before and after
                 and pine for what is not 
                 Our sincerest laughter
                 with some pain is fraught ... "